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A theory about the origine of the name du Cloux

As you have seen on the genealogy the first known member of the du Cloux family was Jean, born ca. 1520, who lived in Sedan. The origine of the name itself is yet unknown.
However during my last holidays I spent one day in Sedan and during a visit to the Chateau-fort there I noticed a very peculiar coincidence. In this Chateau I learned that the princes of the city of Sedan in the beginning of the 17th century had the family name "de la Tour d'Auvergne".

A map of "la Tour d'Auvergne" with "Les Cloux" just below.

This is not yet amazing, but by a big coincidence I have visited the village of La Tour d'Auvergne in the beautiful surroundings of the Auvergne, France (close to Clermont-Ferrand) two years ago. There I found (first on a very detailed map) and later in reality a small place (not bigger than 2 or 3 farmhouses) called "les Cloux" (on the map) or "Sarceil-Cloux" (on a road sign). The road sign itself was a little vague because someone had tried to restore the fainted paint in a clumsy way, but the impression in the metal of the sign was clearly visible if you would take a closer look.

A fotograph of myself standing next to the roadsign "Sarceil-Cloux".

I think it is to much of a conincidence that in a city more than 500 km away two families would occur in the 17th century with familynames that point to locations just 2 or 3 km apart. So I think it is very well possible that when the family of "de la Tour d'Auvergne" came into the possession of the city Sedan they moved there and took with them some friends/employees. I guess one of them must have come from this place called "les Cloux". Afterwards if asked for his name he would have answered: I am ... from "le Cloux" or in French this would be: I am ... "du Cloux".

Who this first person was that moved to Sedan is not known yet. Maybe it was the above mentioned Jean du Cloux but that is not yet proven.

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