My ancestors, or 17 generations of the family du Cloux / de Kloe

Remark about claims for older generations

information has been published on a number of places on the internet about previous generations of the du Cloux family. These pages claim descendance of the barons of Varanvalle du Cloux in Auvergne and go back to the 12th century. I would like to state clearly here that I do not believe these claims, and consider them no more than fairy tales. Not a single page refers to original sources, and the people that I asked directly all confirmed that they just copy pasted the information from yet another website. If, on the other hand, someone possesses real solid proof of these claims (including scans or photographs of original documents) then I am of course willing to reconsider.
In the meantime I feel the obligation to warn anyone searching for older du Cloux generations not to blindly trust information found on many so called "genealogy" websites around the internet.
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coat of arms
of the du CLoux family
This is the coat of arms of the du Cloux family. (a scan from a published version in the magazine "Eglises Wallones" in 1892). It was used by Antoine du Cloux, born 1732 in Leiden, died 1793 in Utrecht. This Antoine also was a descendant of the Jean du Cloux mentioned below, but he was not a direct forefather of me.

Used abbreviations:

* = born, ~ = baptised, x = marries, + = died, # = buried
(I'm using the European date format, i.e. dd-mm-yyyy !!)
I have (a lot more) information on all people that are marked (followes ...). Mail me to get it.

For a theory about the origine of the name du Cloux follow this link.

THE END. ( Samengesteld door: Jos de Kloe. )
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